Tuesday, March 1, 2016

IDEA... Mini Melbourne Map Watercolour

LONG LONG TIME, NO POST... not sure why I stopped, I just did, but I'm back! 

So over a year ago I had this idea of drawing map with watercolour but not including any names, landmarks or anything other than have the road and paths white and the rest to be created with different shades of the same colour watercolour...
This is a mini A3 test I did of that exact idea, and I love how it turned out. A lot of my watercolour are very girly, with lots of pinks and flowers and pretty faces but I love how this is more neutral and even more masculine. Plus everyone loves map and its one of theses things that people love to hang in their homes of where they live, or places they have lived or places they have visited and loved. Which is perfect for me because its something that I have loved to paint and it could sell!
Stay turned for more watercolour maps...  and different cities... in different colours!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Customised 22nd Birthday Card

Drew up the design on paper just using a black ink pen... Then scanned it and created it in Illustrator.
 The matt which I using with the KNK Zing machine to cut out the design onto black card stock.
Stuck the design onto metallic gemstone green card stock.

Clare's 22nd watercolour present

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aztec repeat pattern

I've started working on another repeat pattern design for the future view to screen print it onto fabric in the future. Its a basic aztec inspired 3 colour pattern.
I'm using Adobe Illustrator to create the pattern design...

Cutting Gemstones!

I am so obsessed with my Zing cutting machine!!

All I did was scribble a lot of watercolours on a couple of sheets of paper then designed some pretty basic gemstone shapes in illustrator and then cut them out in the watercolour papers! Love them!!

Personalised 21st card

It was my younger sisters 21st birthday back in July and I designed and made a personalised card for her using my amazing KNK Zing machine!!

First off I drew up the design just on paper using a black pen... Then scanned it and created it in Illustrator...

 Then did a test print to see how it works out and if the machine could do it (It did it perfectly!!! YAY!)
 I then cut the final out of black card stock and used a pink gemstone card stock as the backing! DONE!

KNK Zing!!! LOVE IT!!

OK, so I got this new toy about 4 months ago and I can't stop using it!! I love it! It is a digital cutting machine, it basically cuts anything you want in any design! brilliant!!! Comes with its own software and everything, so easy to use and worth the $400!! I also got a embossing tool for it aswell!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lapore wine label design

The brief this couple gave me was that they wanted a wine label designed for their wedding, they make their own wine and wanted to special design for serving it at their wedding. Their last night is 'Lepore' so they wanted it to be named that and have a vintage type feel with some wine stains and have a wedding theme without it looking really tacky.

This first design is laser cut, the second design is the same as the first but with a red background to create a basic rectangular shape for easy printing etc...

Cafe logo design

Ethos cafe is a little organic style cafe opening up in Fitzroy later this year and they were wanting a logo that refects their love of coffee but with a modern look and different to other cafe logos. They wanted it to look good in both colour and black and white and also be able to be made into a stamp that they could stamp onto take away bags, coffee cups and bags of coffee.

Theses are the 2 slightly different design I created for them:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

'Peony Blues Twins' Watercolour

- watercolours, watercolour pencils, ink pens (black)
- 50cm x 40cm

LOTS of progress shots...