Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paul Guest Drawing Prize Entry

My Entry into the Paul Guest Drawing Prize, run by the Bendigo Gallery. The drawing is a bit smaller the A1 size. Used a mechanical pencil, 4H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B and 8B


I titled it 'Choice'

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quote of Yesterday

A rare or curious thing;
Highly detailed, intricate or subtle;
The desire to learn or know about anything;
Minutely accurate, elaborate;
Eagerness to know, inquisitiveness;
A strange or interesting quality;
Something unusual, perhaps worthy of collecting.

Visit to the NGV - European Masters: Stadel Museum 19th-20th Century

Yesterday I went to check out the recently opened European Masters exhibition at the NGV. There are some AMAZING pieces on display as well as some that aren't but can still be highly appreciated. My favourite pieces would be a large piece in the first room, called 'The 1000 year old oak tree' (As you walk in the first room turn 90 degrees to your left and there it is!) My other favourite would be the Picasso that is the very last painting on your left before you exit the exhibition.

As I walked through the exhibition I started thinking about how skilled the painters where of this time and it started me thinking that maybe the high skill that is needed to create these highly detailed, amazingly real coloured oil painting is somehow lost these days. The teaching back in the 1800's is obviously vastly different to the teaching of today, and I'm not saying that we should still be teaching in the say ways as the 1800's, but it seems that our idea of intelligence in to have a large knowledge over a huge number of categories. This has been a great way to create a smarter more intelligent population but has, in my opinion, lost those special skills and thinking that would create theses masterpieces. Therefore making the pieces that are still in existent from this time even more special because there will never be any more like them created.

Our way of educating has created a superior population but are all more or less the same and 'the way of thinking' that creates perfectly composed and painted works of art are lost for the rest of time.

Germany is a lucky country to be the owners of such an amazing collection

Tree etching

Etching on acetate. First print I did was just on thick paper, the next 2 are prints on pressed and dried palm tree leaves.

21st Present for Ray

21st present for a friend of mine.. Don't know the exact measurements but it was about 100cm x 50cm - primed premium canvas, cost was $38. I used acrylic paints
Final sketch of name for the painting...
I started with the letters then worked outwards

Don't actually have a pic of the final but this is almost done, just had to finished the rest of the 'h' letter

(not sure if she liked it or if it will ever make it up on any wall or even last longer then a year before being throw out but I liked it)