Monday, March 28, 2011

2nd page for I LOVE... book

I Love Paint!
This was the original drawing I did for it...

This is the final, I scanned the drawing the using the pen tool in Illustrator drew over each blob and coloured it, I also added highlights to each blob so it looked for 3D and more like blobs of paint.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Book!!! first page

Soooo, the idea of the inspirational book that I have make for one of my final year Uni classes is an 'I love... book. Basically each page is something that I love, but the book is going to completely typographical, I'm not going to be using pictures to describe the words, I want to write the sentence using the letter to illustrate it. I want to use hand written type to create interests and communicate the sentence without drawing it....

This is my first one, this is the initial sketch I did of it... (the letter overlap and don't read properly)
I love finding Inspiration

And this was after I scanned it in and drew over it with the pen tool in Illustrator... (Ill probably add some colour of something to it to complete it...)