Thursday, April 28, 2011

Filling in the Holidays

So I've had nearly 2 weeks of holidays and I got sick on the second day in and just found out I have Glandular Fever so thats why its lasted so long... anyway I've had pretty much no energy to do anything except sit around at home and draw and watch season of sex and the city.

This is one of the drawings I particularly like and decided to do it larger scale using watercolour and pencils. I went to the Disney exhibition at AMCI a couple of week before the end of the uni term and got inspiration from there for this drawing. I think it kind of looks like a Disney-ish landscape.

This was the scan of the original drawing out of my sketch book (A4 size)
I transferred the drawing onto a larger (75cm x 55cm) watercolour piece of paper and started colouring it. I wanted to have a sunset coloured feel/look, hard to do but we'll see how we go...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love the shade of a large tree

This was the first sketch from this sentence...
From the sketch as a guide I created this in Illustrator using the pen tool.

I love listening to popcorn popping in the microwave

This was a hard one.
Firstly I had to get popcorn and sketch some individual pieces....
I then scanned the sketches and drew them in Illustrator
I then placed them behind the sentence that I had created...
And finally turned the text to white so the sentence would only to read through the popcorn itself... this was the final result

I love sneaking under someone else's umbrella

This was one of the very few that I didn't do a sketch for. I just drew an umbrella un Illustrator using the pen tool and then copied it and sized in and coloured each one differently.. this was the result from that
I then added the rain and the words to the artwork. done.

I love when it feels like the lyrics were written just for you

This is a very rough sketch, especially what eventuated into the final result, but this was the sketch from the starting idea...
This was the final. I tried to created the entire sentence from notes and accents from music

I love Clouds.

Initial sketch for this page
This was the final that I created in Illustrator using the sketch as a guide...

I love thinking the opposite

I only sketched each letters that I need once because there were a lot of repeats of letters in the entire sentence.
This was the final, I reversed it so its read backwards to go with the meaning of the sentence

I love not stopping with a good idea

Same deal as the others... this was the first sketch for this page
This was the final that I created all in Illustrator

I Love the Whitsundays

Starting sketch for this page... The idea was to write the name as if you were looking at a landscape view of the whitsundays
opened the sketch into Illustrator and used it as a guide to draw this final

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love mixing my words.

This was the initial sketch...

I opened it in an Illustrator file and traced over each individual letter and depth using the pen tool (0.25px) This was the end result

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Visual Communication brief (part A)

So part A of the brief I was given for the 3rd year Visual Communications class was to take a religious symbol and change its context and use it in a completely different way but still make the symbol recognisable as the original religious symbol. We also had to add some sort or words or tag line to go with the design.

I chose to use the Swastika symbol (Nazi symbol) and I used it to create the peace dove. I originally thought about created the Jewish religious symbol using the Swastika symbol but I thought it was too disrespectful and a bit to far.

(This is a close up of the final)
This is my final - with the tag line reading - "Repetition and context can change everything"

7th page

I love little creatures

This was the original drawing for 'I love little creatures'
There are quite a few mistakes and part that I want to change, and I also want to move some of the letters a bit and obviously put the S on the same line as the rest of the letters but I can do all that in Illustrator.
This was the final after opening the scanned drawing into a Illustrator file and drawing each letter and colouring it using the pen tool. I drew just one and repeated it for every letter, they also sit on there own layer so I didn't accidentally move one or select part of it while working on another part of it.

6th page

I love settling anything with scissors, paper, rock.

A designed a whole alphabet and called the whole page in, then cut out each letter individually and saved each one separately. I then placed each letter that I need where I wanted it in an Illustrator file.
Same deal as all the other pages...
I used the pen tool to draw over each letter and coloured each one. I used the rule that each thicker part of the letter was the same colour as the previous letters thinner edge.
I also applied a very subtle drop shadow (opacity at 70%) just to make the letters stand out a bit more against the white background.

5th page - Lemonade

I love Lemonade!
This is the scan of the original drawing I did for 'I love Lemonade' its quite rough and there are some parts that I want to take out, change and add some more to it but Ill do that in Illustrator.
I then opened the scanned drawing into Illustrator and used the pen tool to draw over the whole drawing. I then added to sliced of lemon and the drops of lemonade or effect.
This is the final

4th page - Tea and Sugar

This is the scan of the original drawing I did for 'I love Tea and Sugar'

I then opened the drawing up in Illustrator and traced over the drawing with the pen tool, then coloured sections of it in as I wanted... this is the finished piece!

3rd page - Tomorrows Adventures

This was the scan of the original drawing for I love tomorrows adventures.
I then opened it into Illustrator and traced over the drawing using the pen tool set at 0.25px and then coloured each shape and applied a subtle drop shadow to make it stand out against the white background a bit better.