Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kinetic Typography Uni Project

This is a short Kinetic Typography project that was an assessment piece from one of my classes at uni - 'Confidence' - I did it in after effects

Final design for my personal website

Stand Here

For my graduated exhibition piece it is suppose to be viewed from standing on the inside of it. I thought it would be necessary to have a small sign on the ground saying 'stand here' to show that it is ok to stand inside it. I know once people start standing inside it other people will following but I needed a sign to say that its ok.

I made this little sign, its about 20cm x 30cm, made from some of the left over 3mm plywood that I had from the actually piece. I etched out the letters then stained it the same as the piece itself so it looks like it is part of the whole piece.

Graduated Exhibition Piece - Finished!!

I've ALMOST finished this piece which has been soooo long in the makings. I've finished making the circle out of 3mm plywood and also mounted my illustration onto the inside of it.

This is it completely finished:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Grad. Exhibition Piece - Putting it together

I always knew printing this thing would be hard but its been a bit of a nightmare. I was originally thinking of having it printed at a professional printers - C.P.L. digital, who are amazing printers, and I had them do a couple of test printing on a high gloss and a lustre paper, which was going to cost around $150 for the whole print, but I didn't really like how they came out, they looked great and the colour was really bright but it made it look like it was a photograph or done on the computer which I didn't want. I then asked them about watercolour paper and it was going to be over $600 for that because they use a special inkjet printer blah blah blah... so I decided to print it at home on watercolour paper. I was going to have to print it in 3 section at the professional printers anyway so i was always going to have paper joins in it, just printing it at home I was going to have a few more but you can tell when its all joined but and cut to size. 

I bought really nice watercolour paper (70cm x 50cm) which where $3 each and printed the whole thing on that using my Canon Pro9000 A3+ printer. It looks exactly how I wanted it to, it looks like its been draw onto the watercolour and not computerised. 

This is a picture in putting all the pieces together, I ended up printed it in 13 sections.

I've also finished the circle that I going to mount it onto:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Moody Type' posters

A series of 4 posters which I designed to be slightly educational (without being educational) I've designed one for each major type of font - serif, san-serif, display and script. Each poster includes a face made from the word 'mood' and what mood they best (and mostly) represent. Eg. Serif type - serious mood. The poster also includes information about how to use it and when.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Started the circle for exhibition piece

To exhibit my Illustration for my graduate exhibition I am displaying in on the inside of a circle.
I've started making the circle out of 3mm plywood. I've cut them into 5 strips all 20cm tall (same as the illustration) and together make a 5.2m circle. I've stained the wood to give it really nice dark rich colour.
This was the stain I used:
It was so easy to apply, just smeared it on with an old rag and let it dry...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Advertising Docklands Brief

For my Visual Communication class in 3rd year this was my brief:

Create a concept to sell off the brand new prestige apartments, (from 1.5 to 5 million dollar price range) in Docklands based on the headline "Two halves make a beautiful whole" Must use images of theses 5 objects: Lilies, Shells, Goldfish, Artichokes and Jade. Usage will be Australia wide and Asia.

The way I answered the brief was to first take a picture of the 5 objects then draw each one using watercolour pencils then I combined the 2 together in photoshop and placed it into my Indesign file. I created 5 final posters.


Photograph for goldfish:
Drawing of goldfish:
Photoshop file where I've merged the photograph and drawing together:

Final goldfish A3 poster:

Photograph of artichoke:
Watercolour pencil drawing of artichoke:
Photoshop file where I've merged the photograph and drawing together:
Final Artichoke A3Poster:

Photograph of Lily:
Watercolour pencil drawing of lily:
Photoshop file where I've merged the photograph and drawing together:
Final Lily poster:
Photograph of Shell:

Watercolour pencil drawing of shell:
Photoshop file where I've merged the photograph and drawing together:
Final Shell Poster:
Photograph for Jade:

Watercolour pencil drawing for jade:
Photoshop file where I've merged the photograph and drawing together:
Final Jade Poster:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Done... almost - Graduate Exhibition Piece

(Just imagine them all joined up in long line - 5.2m long)

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