Monday, August 27, 2012

Birdcage Repeat Pattern

This is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks, possible even a month now.
It is a repeat pattern for screen printing onto large rolls of fabric for then turning into cushions, curtains, bed covers, light covers, clothes... pretty much anything you like.

This piece itself is 150cm high x 80cm wide (So its BIG) and awkward to manage. (They are birdcages of vines)

I initially drew it onto 12 pieces of A3 tracing paper so I could easily scan it then piece it together on the computer.

I'm now at the, VERY slow painstaking, stage of tracing over my entire drawing in Illustrator using the brush tool. I've done about a 1/4 of it so's how its looking

(With my drawing underneath)
 (Without my drawing underneath)

Recent Sketches

 Lot of FISH!
We recently bought a beach house on the northern coast of NSW and dad was wanting fish themed drawings/paintings to go in some of the rooms.
These are just some pretty basic sketches to start with (Fish drawing always seem pretty lame and boring so I was wanting to give a bit of character to the fish for a bit of interest)

My Fav! - I don't think fish even have tongue but who cares

 Ever Stopped to Wonder....              (I'm loving drawing type at the moment)

Baby stuffed horse playing the water lilies - I'm not sure why I drew floaties on its legs, just seemed like the right thing to do - put floaties on a baby when swimming haha I kinda like it though
 Glam girl

The Best of All Time...

So I drew this then scanned it and then went over it in Illustrator with the brush tool. WAY to many hours spent doing it.  -  I'm not happy with the big gap between the W and E is the word ROWER so I might have another go at this some time in the future...

(If there are any rowers reading this, I don't actually think I'm going to be 'the best rower all time'.. its just a good thing to read out loud every now and again... who know.. if you say it enough time it might come true)