Sunday, October 21, 2012

Birdcage repeat - choosing colourways

I've been working on a large (1500mm x 80cm) repeat pattern for yardage screen printing. I first drew it on tracing paper with pencil, then scanned the drawings in 12 separate scans, the pieced it back together in illustrator. Once it was one compete image in Illustrator, using the pen tool I traced over the entire drawing so it is now a vector drawing. (This took ages, meaning hours and hours!, I wouldn't recommend doing this)

I'm now in the process of choosing different colour ways to print the pattern in! Exciting! It's finally taking shape.

(Screen shot of my photoshop file)

Girl on brown paper

I did a drawing similar to this one the start of the year sometime and was really happy with it. I like using the brown paper because I can then use a white pencil to get better highlights and depth in the drawing.

I've only spent a couple of hours on it so far (4ish hours)
Only done the eyes, some of the noes and the shape of the face so far...

You can see my reference photo in the last image