Sunday, November 4, 2012

'Birdcages' in a bunch of different colourways

Original black and white drawing:


My 'Henna' repeat pattern

I've been working on another, very detail, repeat pattern for the idea that it will turn into a great screen printing design for yardage in the future. I've drawn it with a black ink pen (half the size I want it, so it's more manageable) and with the hope that it will scan well and be easy to covert into a vector illustration in illustrator so I can tweak it however i want. The two longer sides meet up so it is a complete repeat pattern and could go of forever. It is 150cm long (along the repeat side) and about 75cm wide. 
I'm calling it 'Henna' (In reference to the non-permant tattoos india women get on their hands and feet as part of their wedding ceremony.

Here are some progress shots:

 DONE! time to scan!
 Close up...